We bring a personal touch and exclusive, world-leading technology together to overcome one of the biggest obstacles to financial success: human behaviour.

Smart wealth management for discerning investors.

Wealth management is a journey. The solutions that are right for you will depend largely on where you are in life. That’s why we take a highly personalized approach, matching investment strategies with the outcomes that will help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you need focused investment counselling, advanced financial planning or a concerted approach that involves collaborating with your other advisors, our mission remains the same: to move you forward on your journey.

Smart tools and solutions for exceptional advisors.

Where other fund managers try to guess the future, we look to the past. We use data science to understand market history and deploy strategies that have been debated and ratified by the best academic minds in the world. Our multi-factor or “Smart Beta” approach seeks to improve returns by combining characteristics of both passive and active investing. Our transparent and purpose-built ETFs open the door for your clients to world-class strategies that are robust, rational and repeatable.

There is no B team.

Rod Heard
Founder and CEO
Art Johnson
Founder and CIO
Patty Trimble
Executive Assistant
Eric Contreras
Manager, Client Relations
Cecilia Chen
Chief Financial Officer, CPA, CA
Brian Craig
Board Chair
Mike Broadfoot
Board of Directors
Prithy Serrao
Director Business Development

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