Why SmartBe?

The Canadian investment landscape is changing fast. Everyone is talking about ETFs and more than 800 of them are vying for your money. But it’s hard to find a signal in the noise. Which investments are best for you now or in the future? How much should you pay for advice or for funds? How do you avoid risk and still get a return? We’re here to help guide you towards investing success.

• We’re tied to world-class academics and leading quantitative practitioners
• We remain current with the most recent innovations and research
• We provide education and portfolios designed to keep you on track towards your goals

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Message from Art Johnson, Co-Founder

SmartBe Co-Founder, Art Johnson reflects on what's important when managing through a crisis.

(Co-founder) Art Johnson's level of innovation in delivering a long-term strategy is amazing, his tenacity in remembering the big picture is unwavering, and his genuine caring for the financial health of my family has been consistent for 15 years.

Kevin Gilchrist, Client

“I’ve spoken at a large number of conferences over the last five years, and this was easily one of the best.”

Corey Hoffstein, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Newfound Research, speaking of the conference, Active Smart Beta: The Coming Canadian Disruptor, April 4 – 5, 2019

"The SmartBe conference was a major eye-opener for me. The high-caliber discussions among industry leaders with intimate audience engagement is something that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. I would highly recommend attending."

Luke Jasudavicius, Founder of Experience Driven

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