About Us

Who We Are

We founded SmartBe because we saw an opportunity to bring previously exclusive investment strategies to Canadian investors. The smart beta revolution has democratized quantitative investing in the USA and it's coming to Canada too. SmartBe is at the forefront of this change. Our team pioneered factor investing when it was first introduced at the turn of the millennium. Through education combined with behavioural coaching we have built a strong track record of achieving realistic outcomes for our clients by investing with factor models.

The genesis of SmartBe marks the evolution from wealth management alone, to establish a quantitative investment wealth and asset management firm. We have the great fortune of partnering with leading state-side pracademics to run the algorithms. Our choice to manufacture our fund as an ETF was due to the many rich features for investors. At SmartBe we strive to bring the best investment strategies to Canadians and we are working hard to become the premier quantitative investing boutique in Canada.

Our belief: Robust data makes powerful decisions possible, while poor-quality data guarantees ineffective decisions. The gold standard of data and information is found in academia, where it is forged in the rigorous process of peer review. That’s why we work with pracademics; they are a much-needed bridge between real world practitioners and academia.

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Rod Heard
Founder & CEO
Clip_Group (1).png Clip_Group (9).png
Art Johnson
Founder, CIM & Portfolio Manager
Clip_Group (4).png Clip_Group (12).png
Cecilia Chen
Chief Financial Officer, CPA, CA
Jay_white Jay_blue
Jay Barrett, CFM
Managing Director, National Sales
Tim Tim blue
Tim Wright
Director, Regional Sales
Gavin Gavin blue
Gavin Luk
Director, Regional Sales
Todd Todd blue
Todd Rees
Director, Regional Sales
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Eric Contreras
Associate Portfolio Manager, CIM, FCSI
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Patty Trimble
Executive Assistant, PFP
Romina-Pic2.png Romina-Pic2_blue.png
Romina Caibigan
Compliance Manager
Prithy_colour Prithy–7694_web
Prithy Serrao, CFA
Director, Investment Strategy & Research
Tyson Tyson blue
Taikun (Tyson) Li
Business Development Manager
Matt-H-Colour Matt-H-Blue
Matthew Houle
Business Development Manager
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Nicole Heard
Brand & Marketing Lead

Our Advisors

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Brian Craig
Board Chair
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Mike Broadfoot
Board Of Directors
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Dr. Wesley Grey
Peter_colour.png Peter_blue.png
Peter Virvilis

About Our Process

Our goal is to guide you towards the future you want. We start by getting to know you, your values and ambitions. Then we equip you with knowledge about quantitative investing strategies that can help you succeed. This gives you a foundation for envisioning the future you want and making a plan to get there.


In the Press

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