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The Fama disciples who are factor investing with a difference Feb 12, 2021

Canadian firm's CEO says new ETF is doing something 'special' with value and momentum

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SmartBe Wealth Launches Four Index Tracking ETFs on NEO Exchange Feb 09, 2021

Toronto | February 9, 2021 – NEO is pleased to welcome SmartBe Wealth Inc. (“SmartBe”) back to the NEO Exchange, with the launch of four concentrated factor funds. The four new funds began trading today under the symbols NEO:SBQV, NEO:SBCV, NEO:SBQM, and NEO:SBCM.

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COVID-19 has Canada's banks worried about sickly loans, but they're still raking in the cash May 31, 2020

Canada's 5 biggest banks took in nearly $5B in profit last quarter, but set aside twice that for bad

Art Johnson, Co-founder & CIO, SmartBe Wealth weighs in on Canada's big banks quarterly reporting. Art comments that the numbers were bad but better than expected. Only time will tell.

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First Quarter Review of 2020"Sure Things" – Advisor Perspectives Apr 27, 2020

Larry Swedroe reminds us all how hard predicitions are. It is why SmartBe places our faith in rules and processes. Smart Beta is simple it is “indexing plus” – rules you need to capture returns without the predictions.

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Behavioural ETFs look to profit from other investors’ biases Mar 26, 2020

By: Mark Burgess – Advisor's Edge
Overreactions create opportunities for contrarians to move against the herd

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John De Goey's Top Picks: Jan 6 2020 - BNN: Market Call Jan 06, 2020

On S10: Episode 3 of BNN's Market Call, SBEA is mentioned as a top pick.

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