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John De Goey's Top Picks: Jan 6 2020 - BNN: Market Call Jan 06, 2020

On S10: Episode 3 of BNN's Market Call, SBEA is mentioned as a top pick.

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SmartBe Wealth Inc. Announces Notional Distribution for SmartBe Global Value Momentum Trend Index Dec 23, 2019

CALGARY, December 23, 2019. SmartBe Wealth Inc. (“SmartBe”) today announced the reinvested
income distributions for the units of the SmartBe Global Value Momentum Trend Index ETF (the
“Fund”). Read more as a PDF document.

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SBEA mentioned on BNN: Market Call Nov 11, 2019

SBEA was mentioned in Market Call as a top pick on BNN's article on November 11, 2019

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John De Goey's Top Picks Sep 19, 2019

John De Goey of Wellington-Altus Private Wealth shares his top picks: SBEA, ZST/L and FLCI. (Chrome recommended, may require refresh)

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Advisor Analyst Jun 26, 2019

Art talks with Pierre Daillie from Advisor Analyst during the ETF Summit in Montreal.

Art Johnson, Founder & CIO SmartBe Wealth explains how SmartBe Wealth is creating a bridge between advisors and academics by educating and supporting advisors in implementing a quantitative investment strategy that will make their business more productive and efficient.

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Strategic beta basics: Where does the 'smart' in Smart Beta come from? MORNINGSTAR Jun 14, 2019

Strategic or “smart” beta funds – particularly ETFs - are picking up in popularity worldwide. These products are touted as sophisticated and seemingly magical approaches to achieving alpha. These products are often managed around the idea of factors such as value, dividends, low-volatility, momentum and quality, and their historical association with higher returns.

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