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Smart Investment Journeys explores the world of quantitative investing. Showcasing the latest information from global thought leaders in the quantitative investment space.


September 2019 – Master Class on Quantitative Investing with Art Johnson on Asset TV:


Art Johnson, Founder & CIO SmartBe Wealth explains how SmartBe Wealth is creating a bridge between advisors and academics by educating and supporting advisors in implementing a quantitative investment strategy that will make their business more productive and efficient.

Art Johnson on

May 27th 2019 –  “Is smart beta still smart?” (Morningstar)

May 6th 2019 – “The ETF Show: Active Smart Beta – The Coming Disruptor” (Asset TV)
Rod Heard, CEO and Co-founder of SmartBe Wealth, explains the Smart Beta revolution and how quantitative investing has benefited the ETF industry globally, before highlighting the differences between Efficient Market and Behavioural Finance investment philosophies.

April 29th 2019 –  “ETF Revolution In Active Indexing: Innovative Differentiator”(Asset TV)
SmartBe Wealth’s Founder and CIO, Art Johnson, offers an overview of the company’s tools and solutions and the Global Value Momentum Trend Index ETF. Johnson considers how technology has affected the ETF investing landscape.

April 29th 2019 – “Smart Beta: No Pain, No Premium” (Asset TV)
Newfound Research CIO, Corey Hoffstein, discusses how to establish an edge in the marketplace with smart beta strategies.

April 10th 2019 – “Smart Beta ETFs Are The Future” (Asset TV)
Prithy Serrao, Director of Business Development at SmartBe Wealth, discussed the future of ETFs

March 22nd 2019 – Strategic beta basics: Where does the “smart” in “Smart Beta” come from? And how does it fit in your portfolio?” (Morningstar)

Art Johnson of SmartBe Wealth featured on BNN Bloomberg (click to view video clip)

February 7th 2019 – “SmartBe Wealth raises the flag in ‘quantland'” (Wealth Professional)

January 31st 2019 – “SmartBe Wealth Inc. Announces Launch of the SmartBe Global Value Momentum Trend Index ETF”

“SmartBe Wealth files preliminary prospectus for Smart Beta ETF”

October 9th 2018 – “Why an American market guru is calling Canada the ‘North Korea’ of investing” (The Globe & Mail)

Past Events

Active Smart Beta: The Coming Canadian Disruptor
April 4 – 5, 2019 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Cutting through the noise in these times of disruption and market uncertainty
March 1, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta

Cutting through the noise in these times of disruption and market uncertainty
January 31 & February 1 2019 in Toronto, Ontario

Celebration of SmartBe’s SBEA Launching on the NEO Exchange
January 31, 2019 in Toronto Ontario

Practical Investing with SmartBeta
October 4 – 5, 2018 in Lake Louise, Alberta